Squier Squier


Hello, I'm Squier Squier (real name Christo Squier) and I'm an artist, producer and director working across a range of disciplines. I’m mainly fascinated by sound. I live in London.

I sing, play guitars, flute, piccolo and alto saxophone. I wish I owned a marimba. I spend a lot of time looking at screens: recording, composing and manipulating sounds.

My first solo album ‘Oversleep’ concerns swirling, psych folk, with layers of brass, woodwind, processed drums and intricate electronics. It was gradually scrutinised, extracted and orchestrated between 2011-15. The full album will be released December 16th 2016.

I’m the artistic director of Perhaps Contraption. Founded in 2004 in Bristol and currently based in London, I’ve steered it through some unusual transformations.

Since 2011, it’s been a 9 piece, avant rock marching band device. Sometimes it swells to a 16 piece, to become ‘Megatraption’. Part choir, part chamber orchestra, it’s something like John Adams meeting Sufjan Stevens in a punk jazz collision.

The troupe has performed internationally at diverse events including Glastonbury Festival, Sudtirol Jazz Festival (Italy), Honk! Festivals (USA) the Royal Academy of Arts, Aldeburgh Festival and various shows with Amanda Palmer. In 2014 we won the 9th Haizetara international street music competition in Spain. In 2015 we won the same event; but the 10th anniversary “tournament of champions” edition.
Perhaps Contraption’s 4th album, Mud Belief, arrives later this year.

I direct music videos, one of which, ‘Perambulations’, received Help Musician’s Emerging Excellence award. It’s an interactive video, where you click and choose your own path through the action. It’s full of contemporary dance and the ending is really pretty; like a human kaleidoscope.
I’m also interested in 360 panoramic video, VR and projection mapping, and how it can be combined with music.

I like to perform outside. To create unexpected happenings; changing situations using architecture, public space, sound and movement.

Aside from my musical obsessions, I am a sand sculptor, contact juggler, visual artist (paint, pencil, photoshop) performer (Shunt, Punchdrunk, The Factory Theatre, The Bill) and teacher. I’m fond of limericks and cosmology.

Please get in touch if you want to talk about making art.


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