Squier Squier


Squier Squier (also known as Christo) is a multidisciplinary artist that primarily works with sound and live performance. He is a multi-instrumentalist (guitars, voice, flute, piccolo, tenor saxophone), composer, performer and producer.

He is artistic director of progressive brass band Perhaps Contraption, who have toured internationally, won multiple awards, and relentlessly explored unusual musical terrain since 2004.

Christo released his first solo album as Squier Squier in 2016, which explored a tender, personal songwriting approach; weaving finger-picked acoustic guitar with intricate, electronically processed layers of brass, woodwind and drums.

As an actor/musician/sound designer, Christo has worked with a range of groundbreaking companies including Les Enfants Terribles, Factory, Punchdrunk, Secret Cinema and Shunt.

Christo has directed and produced a number of music videos which can be viewed below.

Currently artist-in-residence at Snape Maltings, Christo is creating a new theatrical performance with daring new music, detailed choreography, projection and lighting design.

Aside from all the musical stuff, Christo is a contact juggler and used to be a professional sand sculptor. He wishes he was a better cook.

Please get in touch if you want to talk about making art.


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